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Posted: July 11, 2012 in Forensics
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I’m finally back on track. I apologize for the delay in posting.

Writer’s of crime and mystery, check out the Writer’s Forensics Blog by D. P. Lyle, M.D. @

 Do you have a question about a body in your book?  He’ll answer your questions.  The site is also a great source of information, check out his links, listing useful sites for writer’s. 

Samples of questions addressed on his blog:

Can a blow to the chest kill an adult male?

How would my 1925 detective determine that a stain was human blood?

What injuries might cause my character’s amnesia and how would it be evaluated and treated?

And it’s not all forensics.  Guest bloggers talk about such topics as:

Point of View

Creating tension and pacing.

Caution to check your facts and why it’s important.

This blog is a gold mine of information!