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Debut Novel by Gloria Galloway

Julia Reynolds is a homicide detective with beauty, brains, a smart mouth and a sharp investigative eye. She is the perfect foil for Tony Camarelli, who is handsome, tough, dedicated and thorough. Together they make a great team, trading banter, fighting crime, out to catch the bad guy. It all sounds like a normal day at the office for these two partners. Except for one little detail…she’s dead. Julia and Tony have worked together for twelve years. Their partnership is cut short the day that Julia is killed in the line of duty and Tony is left to pick up the pieces. When Julia’s ghost comes back to haunt him, she wreaks havoc on his peace of mind, plays on his nerves and interrupts his love life. It soon becomes clear that she won’t leave him alone until he agrees to partner up again. As she did in life, Julia helps Tony with the investigation, but this time she has a new and unique perspective from beyond the grave, and they will need it. The duo is about to face the most challenging case of their careers. A cunning serial killer, who doesn’t fit any criminal profile, stalks the young women of Sacramento, daring the local authorities and the FBI to catch him. Hot on the trail of a sadistic monster, they must fight against time while trying to adjust to their new “living” arrangements.
Read what others have to say about this exciting new novel:
“Galloway’s debut novel is fast paced, unique, intriguing, a great read for lovers of crime fiction.  It’s my kind of story so I’m in negotiation with her to write the screen play.” — Ron Montana, Author/Screenwriter
“Galloway has certainly succeeded in crafting a haunting and chilling debut with a heady mix of suspense, touching characters, and even at times quirky humor with the bantering between Tony and Julia. Succinctly, what we have here is a thoroughly upsetting yarn that firmly exposes the workings of a crazed mind in all of its complexity while retaining the page-turning pleasures of a genuine thriller with a paranormal twist. Moreover, her masterstroke is that she deftly focuses attention on what is about to happen rather than harping on the past – something indispensable to advancing the story and increasing the reader’s curiosity. Just as the law enforcement officers are clueless, so too are her readers, which commit them to finding out what happens next and leaving them constantly tense on the edge of their seats.”  — Norman Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Bookpleasures
“…Honestly, I was not sure if this would be my cup of tea, but I wanted to give it a read since the premise is truly unique in a genre that often lacks uniqueness.  The dialogue is really well-written, and moves the story along at a pace that mirrors the subject matter. The characters are really genuine and the pain of losing someone close is brought out well.  You won’t be disappointed with this!” — Adam D
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