Gloria Galloway: Author in Crime

Hi and Welcome!

I first embraced the world of make-believe as a little girl of seven, when my dolls were the characters for my stories.  Of course, back then I didn’t want to kill them.  No really.

As a teenager, I spent every spare moment at my local library.  I devoured books.  I read instead of doing homework, I read instead of doing chores, and I read instead of sleeping.  It was about that time that I first put pen to paper.  My tastes were very eclectic.  I enjoyed romance and science fiction and mysteries.  Think Nancy Drew dating the football hero at a high school on Mars!

My first serious foray into writing stemmed from my love of romance novels.  I constantly told my husband that “I could write that.”  I guess he finally got tired of hearing me say it and told me to do it.  I took up the challenge and wrote my first book: “Only in my Dreams,” a historical romance set in Mexico during the era of Maximilian.  It took me ten years to write it.  And that’s not a typo.  I loved writing romance novels and although I had an agent for a time, it was never quite the right fit for me.  My daughters are trying to convince me to self-publish the book.  I’m thinking about it.

I feel that I’ve found the right niche in the crime thriller genre.  I hope you’ll agree.  Please take a moment to check out my debut novel: “Dead by My Side.”


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