A Must-See Website for U.S. Mystery and Crime Writers!

Posted: May 27, 2012 in crime, writing pursuits

In the process of writing Dead By My Side I’ve had the good fortune to meet a number of law enforcement professionals and learned a great deal about crime scene and criminal investigations.  My daughter is a librarian at a college in Northern California.  While helping a student research case law, she came upon a website which I am very excited about.  It is a mystery and crime writer’s dream.  Just a very small sampling:

DNA taken from an abandoned container

I am a big fan of TV crime shows (The Closer, CSI, Criminal Minds).  And something that comes up time and again is police taking DNA from a drink container or a tossed cigarette without obtaining a warrant.  I’ve always wondered whether it was legal.

Third party consent

If a suspect has a computer, can a spouse give his/her permission for officers to search the computer files?

In “plain view”

In the course of serving a routine warrant, an officer sees a bloody knife and a trail of blood leading into another room.  He can seize the knife…right?  Maybe not

  • Was it “Lawful discovery”
  • Did he/she have “Probable cause”
  • Did he/she have “Lawful access”

Learn about this and much, much more.  This site is a virtual clearing house of criminal justice proceedings of all types.   Learn about arrests, entrapment, probable cause, lineups, motions to suppress, basic searches and “special searches” such as e-mail, voicemail, text messages.  Read actual case reports with actual court rulings (i.e., state supreme court, US Supreme court , appeals court, etc.).

The site is from the Office of the District Attorney of Alameda County entitled “Point of View.”  The link is:   http://le.alcoda.org/publications/point_of_view/

Check it out!

  1. ltownsdin says:

    Thanks for the good info. I like your blog and can’t wait to read your mystery.

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